Selene Arzola

I'm a web developer and as the boys scouts says: Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it.

Configuring Laravel and Mailgun to send emails

In this tutorial, you will learn to add and configure a custom domain in Mailgun to send email in Laravel.

Setting up a Local Web Development Environment in Ubuntu to develop a website using Laravel Framework 5.3 In this tutorial, you will learn to configure a local web development environment to create a project using Laravel Framework 5.3. As a plus, you will learn to configure Git and create a remote repository on GitHub. From the... Continue Reading →

Remove Malware’s content in a Site developed in CodeIgniter

  Google usually displays this message when a website has been hacked or compromised. Meaning that someone has intentionally modified its content to add: SPAM, content from others sites, to steal information or to install Malware. Through this video, Google... Continue Reading →

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